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FEED ME Beef 14oz

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Featured Customer Reviews
"My dogs licks her dish clean"
Since my 11lb senior Pomeranian started eating this food she doesn't itch and her hair isn't falling out or thinning anymore. She came from a puppy mill situation and had many issues. I tried other foods but this is the only one that has helped with her skin and pancreas problems. Not to mention she loves the taste. My little girl is doing fabulous thanks to this dog food. Recommend this to anyone looking for a great quality dog food for their fur baby.
- Mary S

"My dogs loves it"
My Jack Russell is a good eater and I want to feed him the best. I decided to try this to add to his regular kibble. He went crazy as soon as the box arrived. I guess he could smell the food inside. A little goes a long way to enhance both his enjoyment of his regular food as well as supplement his nutritional needs.
- Kathleen

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FEED ME Beef is the ideal raw dog food diet. You get the power of raw nutrition, without the thaw. There’s no defrosting, cooking, or mess. No need to refrigerate, FEED ME can be stored on your counter, in the pantry, or even in your bag or backpack as long as the bag is resealed after each use.

Dogs find it irresistible, even picky eaters!

It looks and smells like meat, because it is meat! Why feed your dog powdered mixes or styrofoam-like blocks of freeze dried food when you can fill your dog’s bowl with the meaty aroma and taste of real, quality, hand-deboned beef?

FEED ME Beef is made from U.S.A. sourced raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food. Check the ingredients label and you’ll find quality cuts of beef meat, beef organs, beef bones, beef blood, and naturally occurring tocopherols and Omega oils (like herring oil) to aid digestion. No chemicals, no grains, no fillers- just wholesome raw beef flash freeze dried to lock in freshness. No ingredient splitting, no unpronounceable or unrecognizable ingredients, no by-products or meal proteins.

FEED ME beef meets AAFCO guidelines as a nutritionally complete meal for dogs, and complies with an Alpha Prey Model diet and a Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods Diet for dogs.

FEED ME is safe for dogs of all ages, sizes- including puppies, nursing and pregnant dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with cancer.

You feed less of FEED ME because:

  • It's nutritionally dense with no grains or fillers to bulk up your dog's diet with empty calories.
  • It's dehydrated. We've removed most of the water (you get to add that back in at mealtime).
  • FEED ME is designed to be measured and fed according to your dog's nutritional needs and ideal weight. No more lump-sum generic feeding guidelines. Get a precise feeding schedule unique to your dog's needs.

Just 10 ounces of FEED ME is the equivalent of two and half pounds of “regular” kibble! Your dog eats less, poops less, but doesn’t feel hungry because his body is getting the nutrition it craves naturally.

If you’re new to a raw diet for dogs, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your dog’s coat health, odor, digestive issues, and energy levels in just a few weeks.*

*For best results, use with PROTECT ME digestive health supplement in gravy form.


  • LESS IS A WHOLE LOT MORE: Raw Dog Food USA sourced raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food. You will never find any grains, fillers, preservatives, or coloring in any of our products. Made in the USA.
  • INGREDIENTS: Beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, herring oil (natural source of vitamin D), mixed tocopherols (natural antioxidant), d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E).
  • DAILY FEEDING GUIDELINES: To unleash the nutritious goodness of each serving, just add water, With no fillers in the food, you don't have to worry about TruDog losing its crunchy munchy goodness. Approximately 6 cups per bag. Feeding guidelines according to weight.
  • BENEFITS: No more foul smelling doggie breath, easy to digest, organic, all-natural, hypoallergenic, appropriate for dogs of all ages and breeds, dog approved and dog preferred taste, no fear of food contamination or harmful effects of filler-laden kibble, happy healthy pets
  • GUARANTEED: Safety and satisfaction guaranteed, proudly made in the U.S.A.

Give your dogs the best!

Made in the USA raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food. You will never find any grains, fillers, preservatives, or coloring in any of our products.

Key Benefits

  • Keeps your dog at the ideal weight
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Reduces allergies and itchy skin
  • Reduces shedding, resulting in a softer, shiner coat

Nutritional Information:

  • Crude Protein, min.........41.00%
  • Crude Fat, min.............28.00%
  • Crude Fiber, max............4.00%
  • Moisture, max...............5.00%
  • Calories....................119 kcal/cup
Ingredients: Beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, herring oil (natural source of OMEGA oils and Vitamin D), mixed tocopherols (natural antioxidant), d-alpha tocopherol (natural Vitamin E)

How much FEED ME do I give my dog?

Ideal Weight of Dog Dosage (cups) Cups per Day Ounces
1 0.06 1 TBS 0.114
5 0.3 1/3 cup 0.57
10 0.6 2/3 cup 1.14
15 0.9 3/4 cup 1.71
20 1.2 1 cup plus 3 Tablespoons 2.28
25 1.5 1 cup plus 1/2 cup 2.85
30 1.8 1 cup plus 3/4 cup 3.42
35 2.1 2 cups plus two Tablespoons 3.99
40 2.4 2 cups plus 1/3 cup 4.56
45 2.7 2 cups plus 2/3 cup 5.13
50 3 3 cups 5.7
55 3.3 3 cups plus 1/3 cup 6.27
60 3.6 3 cups plus 2/3 cup 6.84
65 3.9 3 cups plus 3/4 cup 7.41
70 4.2 4 cups plus 3 Tablespoons 7.98
75 4.5 4 cups plus 1/2 cup 8.55
80 4.8 4 cups plus 3/4 cup 9.12
85 5.1 5 cups plus 1 Tablespoon 9.69
90 5.4 One 10 ounce bag= 5 cups plus 1/3 cup 10.26
95 5.7 5 cups plus 2/3 cup 10.83
100 6 6 cups 11.4
105 6.3 6 cups plus 1/3 cup 11.97
110 6.6 6 cups plus 2/3 cup 12.54
115 6.9 6 cups plus 3/4 cup 13.11
120 7.2 7 cups plus 3 Tablespoons 13.68
125 7.5 One 14 ounce bag = 7 cups plus 1/2 cup 14.25
Weight 30 days -  # 14oz FEED ME bags 30 days -  # 10oz FEED ME bags 30 days -  Boost Me (26 scoops/bag)
XS 10 lb 3 bags 3 bags 1 Scoop/day = 2 bags
SM 20 lb 5 bags 7 bags 3 Scoops/day = 4 bags
MD 50 lb 12 bags 14 bags 6 Scoops/day = 7 bags
LG 80 lb 18 bags 23 bags 9 Scoops/day = 11 bags
XL 100 lb 23 bags 28 bags 12 Scoops/day = 14 bags


Still have questions? Call a TruDog Happiness Concierge for personal assistance. (800)476-8808

A Few Of The Benefits Feeding TruDog Feed Me

  • Weight control
  • Thick glossy coats
  • Healthy digestion
  • Firm muscles & strong bones
  • White teeth, fresh breath & healthy gums
  • High energy

How the Process Works

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Freeze Drying Process

How to Feed TruDog 'Feed Me'

Step 1:

Click here to use our feeding calculator to determine how much per meal your dog will need.

Step 2:

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No Veggies or Fruits?

Feed Me Graphic

You may be asking yourself, why no veggies or fruits? Trudog's Feed Me was formulated to fit into most any raw diet out there, BARF, Alpha Prey, and many more. While we feel it's a better way to feed your dog we understand that over the last hundred years or so, dogs have adapted to process veggies and fruits (Although not that well). You see, your dog shares the same digestive system a wolf in the wild has which is why raw meat and vital organs provide your best friend with everything they really need.

That said, you can add fresh wholesome fruits and veggies to our food without a problem. Not only will it help to extend the amount of time a bag will last you're also ensuring that your dog is getting 100% human grade veggies and fruits. Most pet food manufacturers today use veggie and fruit fillers that would not be able to be sold in a supermarket as they're not fit for human consumption. Why pay them to fill your dog food bag with expensive and sub-par veggies? Do yourself a favor, try a bag of Feed Me and mix in your own at home. If you don't see a better, happier dog just take us up on our 60 day unconditional money back guaranty! You've got nothing to lose.

What Makes Our Food So Yummy?

Real, Raw, Meat

That is what mommy nature intended for me to eat. There is no junk or fillers that will make me sick. Keeps me at my ideal weight. Gives me a soft, silky coat and reduces shedding. Reduces my allergies, itching and rashes. Naturally cleans my teeth and freshens my breath. You'll have less poop to pick up on our walks. The house won't smell like me anymore.

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Locks-in the vital nutrients I need, along with the yummy deliciousness I crave. Very easy to prepare...just add water. Makes it convenient to keep in the pantry...or your purse when you take me somewhere fun!

Feed Me, daily super food is the ideal solution for those pet parents who want to be sure they're giving their best friend exactly what they need. Made in the USA from whole meat and organ meats such as liver, heart, and kidney, fortified with amino acids and omega-3, Feed Me is a complete nutritional powerhouse. You will never find any grains, fillers, preservatives, or coloring in any of our products. By including these prime ingredients lacking in most dog foods today, you're providing your dog with one of the healthiest, nutrition packed foods available anywhere on the planet.

Food Advisor Arrow

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"TruDog is a meat-based, freeze-dried, raw food using a generous amount of beef and beef organs as its main sources of animal protein. Above average protein. Near average fat. And below average carbs when compared to a typical raw dog food thus earning the brand 5 stars. Enthusiastically recommended"

Feed Me Small

  • From Farm To Bag In Under 72 Hours!
  • Freeze Dried Raw For Optimal Nutrition
  • No Fillers, Veggies or Artificial Preservatives
  • Absolutely NO Rendered Or Meal Products

Why Raw Dog Food

Benefits Of A Raw Diet

Your dog wants real meat for dinner. No grains, gluten, or fillers - just real, fresh meat - just as nature intended. Locally sourced from America's heartland with a perfect blend of fresh, wholesome meat and organs; this food can be served as a complete and balanced meal, a nutritious treat, or mixed with kibble. Anyway you serve it, you can't go wrong; the benefits are visible within weeks.

Love Your Dog's Life!™

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