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PROTECT ME Digestive Health Support

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Guaranteed Analysis

Serving Size 3ml (0.1 oz)1 pump = 1ml. Servings per container .39 - Per 3 ml Serving Size. Amylase - 115.2 DU, Neutral protease-(min) 288 PC, Cellulase - (min)52.8 CU, Galacrohydrolase lactase - (min) 192 ALU, Lipase - (min) 9.6 FIP, Becillus coagulans - (min) 4.95 billion spores, Galactomannan - (min) 148.5 mg Protein - (max) 16.5 mg

The Science Behind the Cure

The first pet probiotic of its time, TruDogs Protect Me has an exclusive formula and easy administration that makes it better than any on the market. Our top of the line product includes 5 billion organisms per gram! Protect Me is an encapsulated product, allowing it to pass through your pets system without being activated until it reaches the stomach, where it can be fully absorbed. It is then activated by temperature and pH conditions. No more wasting most of the product that is not absorbed correctly! Protect me ensures that your pet is getting the most out of every serving.

With Protect Me, you can assist in your pets digestion and nutrient absorption that will boost their overall health with a powerful blend of the correct beneficial viable bacterial strains. The best part is we have formulated our probiotic to be in a delicious gravy that your pet will devour. Simply adding a pump to their everyday meals will keep their digestive tract healthy and happy, and your furry friend will be feeling like a million bucks.

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What Protect Me does for your pet:

  • Improves overall gastrointestinal maintenance and health
  • Faster promotion of gut health
  • Defense from emotional and physiological stressors
  • Better absorption of essential nutrients from their daily diet

Use Protect Me daily to help re-establish healthy intestinal microflora after imbalances that have occurred due to:

  • Antibiotic use
  • Dietary indiscretion
  • Food sensitivities
  • Stresses due to travel and kenneling
  • Weaning of puppies and kittens
  • Metabolic disturbances
  • Immune system related gastrointestinal conditions

Protect Me is one of the best and most essential ways to help maintain and promote your pets optimal gastrointestinal health.

Why Protect Me?

Research shows that a probiotic formula with 10 or more strains (20 to 40 million beneficial bacteria per serving) is optimal and suggests that probiotic therapy is effective, safe way to promote total GI tract health. Protect Me's formula takes it to the next level and supplies your pet with 5 BILLION organisms per gram, ensuring your pet has the best probiotic protection they can get! In the past several years, new research indicates that a complete pet probiotic can help your pet:

  • Achieve peak strength, fitness and vigor
  • Maximize optimum health and wellbeing no matter what stage of life they're in
  • Fully enjoy a rich life of companionship with you
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