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TRUly The Best For Your Dog

Who says so? Their Mother! Mother nature, that is…along with all the latest research. All dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves need raw, real meat, real organs, and real bones to thrive.And that’s why we have formulated TruDog® based on what wolves eat in the wild.

Increasingly, dog lovers are becoming aware of the importance of proper nutrition and diet for their pets. Just like people, a dog’s digestive system is designed for natural, wholesome foods. We improve our own health when we reduce our reliance on processed foods, and the same is true for the health of our dogs.

Most commercial dog foods today are the equivalent of fast food for pets – designed more for convenience than for nutrition. Most of the good proteins, vitamins and minerals are destroyed during processing and cooking, and lots of unhealthy grains and cereals are added.

We’ve designed TruDog® for both convenience and nutrition. The freeze-dried formula makes it easy to store and simple to prepare. Meanwhile, we’ve made sure all the natural nutritious goodness is still inside, not processed out. Every delicious bite is made using fresh, high quality, U.S.A. raised, raw meat, and NO ADDITIVES!

With TruDog®, your dog will get the ideal balance of nutrients, and you will get the convenience of not having to keep a side of beef in your freezer.

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