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"My Beagle loves that I’ve started adding TruDog to his meals...1/4 of his food is now TruDog, with a smattering of TruDog given as a mid day and mid afternoon snack. He’s become more finicky in his older age, but always looks forward to TruDog and I can feel good about the whole food ingredients. Thanks for the nutritious option!" - Tricia G.


"Since having my Corgi on TruDog her skin and coat is so shiny. I can see a difference even in the way she acts seems to have more energy. She is eating better and loves the food. Highly suggested for your pets." - Barb Z.


"I heard about and started feeding my fur baby TruDog several years back. He is 15 this year and loves his TruDog. Our Veterinarian told me that my pup is in great shape for 15. I am so very glad that we found TruDog." - Lynn C.


"Can't say enough great things about TruDog products! After just a week there is a noticeable difference of their coats, muscles, digestion... their entire overall health has gained leaps and bounds. Thank you TruDog!" - Janet B.


"I have 2 rather picky eaters named Westin ( west highland Terrier) & Nelly ( Mule Deer Chihuahua) Before trudog "Boost Me" , they didn't eat their dog food & always begged for people food!! After 3 months of feeding them a healthy Doggy diet they've gotten into a routine of ONLY eating food thats healthy for canines and I'm thrilled & thankful for hopefully expanding their lives , they are both 5 yrs old and of course part of our family!" - Kimberly S.


"My dogs loved everything from the food to the treats. The customer service & emails from Lori are great! I feel happy & secure ordering from TruDog." - Andrea K.


"My Yorkie was a rescue from breeding at a puppy mill. She was in pretty rough shape when I got her. She starved herself for days & would only eat specific human food. I spent a ton of money trying everything recommended. I saw an for Trudog & ordered it hopefully. She loves it & eats it every day! I'm so relieved! Thank you for this food! You saved her life!" - Kay S.


"My finicky eater is loving Trudog - she gets excited when I open the package and barks - wanting her food which is so out of her character! I also so a difference in her energy level and her coat is much softer." - Kim F.


"I have a stubborn little Pekingese who will not eat most dog food, so I have always given her cooked chicken or beef. I found this raw, freezes dried dog food and decided to give it a try and was amazed to see that she loved it! I had contemplated getting her on a raw diet, but with this dog food it so easy and I know she is eating healthier. The dog food out there in the shelves are just garbage. But this one is healthy and no chemicals, grains, or other foods that a dog in the wild would never eat. Thank you Tru Dog for helping me help my dog to stay healthy and at a cost that is affordable." - Linda L.


"I have been a raw feeder for many years, going to the store buying all kinds of meat liver etc and trying to balance a raw diet while storing it all in the fridge etc. I stumbled on Trudog raw boost and my German Shepherd loves it and by reading the ingredient list it is a perfectly balanced combination. I'm going to feed this for a while and expect to make the switch permanently." - Charlie R.


"I Absolutely LOVE TRUDOG!!! I’ve searched for years for a great food for my very picky fur babies and was constantly disappointed until I found TRUDOG!!! My fussy dogs 🐶❤️ 🐶 both love FEED ME and TREAT ME and SPRAY ME is great for their teeth and breath too!! Thanks so much TRUDOG for being such a wonderful solution for my doggies!! Love you guys!!! 😍❤️🐶🐶❤️😍" - Lena R.


"12 year old rat terrier rejected regular dog food brand after brand for years. First presentation of TruDog and he cleaned his plate. Two weeks later he has reduced his “treats” and looks forward to his regular meals of TruDog. What a relief to know he is eating healthy and we have been able to reduce several of his medications too. Thank you TruDog.🤗" - Mike N.


"I have a ten year old chihuahua (Paco) and a one year old rat terrier (Bandit), both of which had become finicky eaters. After trying virtually every high grade commercial dog food, food topping, etc to little or no avail, I discovered TruDog. I was a reluctant first time buyer because I had never even considered a diet of freeze dried raw food for my guys, but of desperation I decided to try both Feed Me and Boost Me, adding it to their kibble. The rest, as they say, is history. To claim that they love it would be a gross understatement -- they literally lick their bowls clean! It's now been a couple of months, and they are just as enthusiastic over mealtimes as ever. Thank you for your excellent products, and a very special thanks for the periodic super sales, at which time I can stock up on my (their) favorites." - Dennis S.


"I have been researching, writing about and teaching others about the dangerous additives that dog food companies put into dry food since 1992. I have always tried to feed raw but time and again I would find that I slip into the ease of dry foods. I would do the best I could but I could tell it was like feeding fast food or junk cereal compared to fixing a good meal for my dogs. So, when I kept seeing the ad for TruDog I didn't think it would be much help for the dry food "fix" and I would go back to feeding just raw. But I am pleasantly surprised and pleased to report that the Raw Boost really does make a difference! Now when I'm feeding dry food due to travel or running out of time I do not feel so guilty. My GSD has shiny teeth and coat after just a few months of Raw Boost. Thank you!" - Leslie S.


"All my babies(6 dogs) from puppies to a 14 y/o absolutely LOVE THIS STUFF!!! And since they do, so do I! They all get "Boosted" with Boost Me, and the oldest one also gets his food supplemented with the Freeze Dried, Free Me, and Bone Broth. These products have all made an amazing difference for him. especially the Free Me. He was down in his hindquarters and could hardly walk.And I tell you, honestly, that after the first 1/2 teaspoon of Boost Me and the first 1/2 scoop of Free Me, he perked up, became interested in his surroundings again, and was able to walk with much more ease!. These TruDog products are miraculous! They have truly added life to my old companion's years, and I am very grateful. I know now that I and the rest of my babies can look forward to the same, and that is comforting. It even helped my "busy" baby focus and learn some manners! Thank you, Lori, for a WONDERFUL product!" - Rene J.


"I have a small 13 yr old dog. He gets bored with his food and he is very picky. I have been feeding Pepe TruDog for one month and he has become a different dog. When it is time for me to feed him, he bounces around the room knowing he is going to get something good. He loves, loves, loves TruDog. I have given him a variety of this food. I will no longer buy food at the store. As dog owners, we have a responsibility to provide the best care for them. I give TruDog 5 Star Rating." - Janis B.


"I have three dachshunds. Over the years feeding them has been a challenge. One, maybe two would love the food but the one who has been a problem since I brought her home at nine weeks old, well lets just say did not like dog food. But in researching so many foods I can now understand why. She was my very first dog and I knew nothing about dog food. When I decided to try TruDog I understood it was an all raw diet and very nutritious so I ordered a few things which included the dog food. Well I am happy to say all three love it! Even Ms. Basha who is now 14 years young....." - Suzanne M.


"I have a very picky Golden Retriever that I struggle with trying to get her to eat. I decided to take advantage of the sale for the Feed Me offer for $10 to see if it was something she would eat. When it was delivered and I opened the box, my dog was all excited! I opened the bag and took out three of the beef nuggets and she wolfed them right down.

I was really surprised when she went out to the kitchen and brought the shipping box into the living room and started to tear it apart! She isn’t a “garbage picking” dog so you can imagine my surprise to see her doing this! I guess the box must have smelled a little like the food and she was going to eat it too! Later when I told her it was time to eat, she actually came into the kitchen and laid down so she could watch me fix her food. When I grabbed the bag of Feed Me, she got all excited and even though she only got a few more nuggets mixed in with her food, I had no problems with trying to get her to eat.

She gets fed twice a day and wouldn’t leave her dish until she had licked her bowl clean. I’ve since ordered a lot more, but I’ve also run out of the bag we had, and yep...she’s back to being VERY picky and sometimes not eating at all. I’m SO glad I decided to try the TruDog products with her! I think I’m just has excited about finding something that is good for her health and well being as she is about getting it mixed with her regular food to eat! I will be sharing your information with my friends so that they can become a regular customer too!" - Becky S.


"I would like to start off this review by saying how grateful I am to TruDog because of their true generosity to people who love their pets. Also for not having any sort of by-products in their ingredients of their dog food. It is very hard to trust the pet industry knowing now that their are no official laws that protect them. I bought this product to slowly introduce my dogs to the food and let me tell you they 1000% love it! Thanks to TruDog! Forever Grateful!" - Alani H.


"We have five Yorkies that range from on year old to 15 years old. They all are eating TruDog foods and supplements. I’ve never seen such excitement about eating as this food brings to all of our dogs at each and every meal. We’ve been feeding TruDog for about three years now, so it’s not new to them anymore. They are very vocal about wanting their food and clean their bowls spotless! It has given new life to our older dogs, they are trim, alert and have their energy back. Old dogs do learn new tricks when they are getting proper nutrition! If you care about your dogs, stop feeding them traditional garbage dog food! You’ll love the change, and they’ll love you for it!" - Peter C.


"My rescue Beagle has me so wrapped around her paw. I was doing everything to get her to eat her dry kibble. It was spoiling her and driving me crazy until I got the supplement food. I'm so thankful to TruDog for developing a product that i feel is not only the top quality they say it is but also my Penny loves it. Just two pinches of the super food in with her kibble and she cant wait to dig in! She licks the bowl clean! Im happy. She is happy. Life is so sweet now that I'm not having to find ways to get her to eat or feel bad for making her give in to hunger and eat. She gets so excited to see the pouch! Definitely a repeat customer for life!" - Heather M.

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