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"Rawgo game changer for my German Shephard Dog “Egon”. He has always had skin issues during the summer months. He would have to get several expensive steroid shots that would or would not help with his itching. Since adding Rawgo! to his diet his skin is the best it’s ever been. My Vet said so her self and instructed me NOT to change anything I’m doing. Thank you, TruDog." - Sharon O.


"We have tried many high quality foods for our Yorkie including a mail order freshly prepared service. None of these products worked for our little guy. He has a very sensitive stomach and is therefore a picky eater. We ordered Rawgo Beef and Carrots over a month ago to give it a try. We are now on our second bag and it is nothing short of a miracle. Our Yorkie has not had one incidence of stomach distress or pottying problems. His coat is now shiny and his energy level is through the roof. This product is so easy to use and one bag lasts us an entire month as we mix it with his kibble. He is actually excited to eat now and eats every bite. He has put on a pound in the last month. Thank you so much for this amazing product." - Laura L.


"I mixed a half a cup of the Rawgo! Dehydrated Raw Dog Food (Beef & Carrots) with enough warm water to moisten and put it in my dog's bowl after her usual evening meal. Before she got to it, my 4 month old kitten was eating it like he hadn't just finished supper. Then my dog sent him packing and finished the bowl off, licking it clean. It was an immediate winner. The next night I gave her a cup of Rawgo and she gobbled it down with half of her usual meal. Last night I tried giving her the same amount of her usual food first, while I mixed the Rawgo, but she refused to eat it before she had the Rawgo!" - Pam M.


"My dog loves Rawgo! He gobbles down his food each time he's fed and licks his bowl, then moves his dish around just to double check that he's gotten it all! Plus, no vomiting since he's been on this and Feed Me Beef. Also, I feel like he's licking his feet much less than before starting this new diet. I'm very encouraged about this change!" - Laura S.


"I have four dogs ranging in age from 11 to 15 years. I wish I could have been feeding Rawgo! to them their whole life! My 15yr frail Jack Russell started snubbing his food but eats anything I mix this with. He gets about an 80% Rawgo! to 20% regular kibble mix. The others get a 50/50 mix. They all go crazy when it is feeding time and know they are getting Rawgo!. My Jack Russell is doing so much better health wise. I have also noticed that they have better bowel movements which means they are getting more nutrition from their food. In addition, I have one that tries to eat the BMs if I do not get it picked up fast enough, and this behaviour has almost stopped since I started feeding them Rawgo!. Yes, the price is prohibitive and I cannot feed them 100% TruDog. I wish I could. I did join the Love Club to get some savings on the price. However, it is worth it to spend more to ensure my dogs are happy and healthier. If you have dogs that need better health or you just want to give them the best, I recommend you try TruDog food." - Sherre D.


"My 14 yr old female german shepherd has struggled the last few years with weight loss and arthritis but this sweet girl is still with me! I give her nutrients for her arthritis but really needed to address the other issues. Since I have purchased the Rawgo I can tell that her health has made a positive turn and put on a few pounds. I home cook for her so I give her the Rawgo, 50/50. She loves it! Also, one other observation, her eyes no longer drip with goop! I'm happy because this is one more positive product that adds to her health and longevity!" - Brenda S.


"We have 5 yorkies that range from 1 year old to 15 years old. They all are eating Trudog foods and supplements. I’ve never seen such excitement about eating as this food brings to all of our dogs at each and every meal. We’ve been feeding Trudog for about three years now, so it’s not new to them anymore. They are very vocal about wanting their food and clean their bowls spotless! It has given new life to our older dogs, they are trim, alert and have their energy back. Old dogs do learn new tricks when they are getting proper nutrition! If you care about your dogs, stop feeding them traditional garbage dog food! You’ll love the change, and they’ll love you for it! " - Peter C.


"My beagle girl has had a history of health issues, since I rescued her when she was around four years old. She’s now 13, and dealing with aging piled on past abuses and illnesses. She loved, and thrived on, TruDog Feed Me, but after dental issues and some other recent health concerns, she no longer would eat Feed Me (or even fresh grass-fed burger!), so I tried Rawgo!, hoping against hope, and wow, she loves all three flavors and her notorious beagle appetite is back! She’s got energy again, and she bugs me to eat again, getting all happy and prancing around when she sees the bags. I am sooo happy, and so relieved! Thank you!" - Cherie D.


"My mini pom Qtip loves this. He rarely eats anything that I give him that is supposed to be healthy and he gobbles Rawgo! up. I add the gravy (Protect Me )to it to make it even yummier. He is 12 years old and very picky. I will be trying the other flavors next. Oh and he loves the squirrels in the oaktree toy as well. Who knew, he's playing a bit like a puppy again. Thanks for putting so my heart into this." - Debbie L.


"Our little four year old Rescue Pomeranian, Annie has been eating TruDog food since we got her three years ago. We started her on the Rawgo! food for her dinner meals about eight months back. I wanted to help our budget by stretching out her TruDog crunchy real beef for breakfast meals along with her supplements & feed TruDog Rawgo! for dinner meals. Rawgo! contains necessary vitamins & minerals she needs to help maintain that beautiful Pomeranian fur, energy and great health. Actually we were surprised she gobbled down her first chicken meal like a prizefighter. After trying the different flavors Annie decided Lamb is her favorite with Chicken running second. She has a built in clock and alerts every day at same time for her Rawgo!. She watches while mommy “cooks it” (just add warm water) and then she licks that bowl clean! Annie is still licking around her beautiful little snout as she rests a little bit before her evening walk. We love Annie & want her to be with us as long as possible! That is why we feed her TruDog products and give her TruDog supplements to make her life the best life!" - Vicki L.


"I started feeding the Lamb and Cranberry RawGo dehydrated raw dog food about a week ago. Matilda can't wait to get into it.,,She has a hard time sitting still while I am mixing it up. She finishes every last bite, licking the bowl completely clean. I feel good about the switch and I know she feels a whole lot better since starting this food. The one to one ration is really easy to prepare. And, I toss in a few Feed Me for a crunchy texture." - Sarah G.


"I'm a new user and I'm considering integrating the Rawgo! products into my nutrition regimen for my Max. The ingredients list is impressive and it's easy to prepare. I'm very concerned about her overall nutrition, which is now mostly raw-based, and this product fits right in. I plan for the Rawgo! products to replace my current use of commercial canned food." - John S.


"I have tried both the Rawgo! beef and am currently using the Rawgo! chicken and rosemary. My 13 year old pug and toy terrior mix Buffy, gives the highest rating on both! She refuses to go out until she has her breakfast. She licks her bowl clean and after she has done her business she comes back to lick her bowl some more. Although I have always fed her well, I had been hearing about the benefits of raw food. I certainly want my girl to live to be a grand old lady. I am glad I found your company first and will continue making this her diet. It is good value for the money and goes a long way. Her evening meal is a small hand full of kibble with a bit of Boost Me and she loves that too. So kudos and gratitude for great products!" - Ray F.


"My fur baby was having issues with allergies and licked himself raw. I had switched him to a grain free diet. He would barely eat and still had issues with licking and biting his paws. This Rawgo! raw dog food IS the bomb! He eagerly waits for his meals now, eating all and asking for more. Better yet, he has no "hot spots" and has stopped licking himself raw! The only problem we have is trying to keep the kitten from trying to eat all the dog's food!" - Nancy B.


"All I have to do is pick up a bag of Rawgo! or any TruDog bag for that matter and my 13 year old girl perks up. She seems to be thriving on this food and she is more perky and seems to enjoy life more than this time last year. All the TruDog products together seemed to have boosted her health and we're both happy about that!" - Regina H.


"I have two small chihuahuas that I have been feeding the Rawgo! dog food now for about six weeks and they just scarf it down and lick the bowl clean. One of them has always been on the skinny side and she seems to be putting a little meat on her bones, while the other is just a little too chubby and he has dropped a few ounces. They really love this food!" - Lois M.


"My sweet older dogs love the Rawgo! They seem to love all your mix ins and toppers. I have been trying to find just the right nutritional balance for our dogs, since we lost our sweet Jack Russell Reilly to cancer. During those days when it was hard for her to eat. She turned her nose up at all food, TruDog was the one food that she always went to and our other dogs loved it too. I mix a bit of Rawgo! with different toppers and Feed Me and they just can't wait for meal time. Licking the bowls dry every single time and that never happened before. Even though they are older dogs they are vibrant and healthy and still have a very active playtime. Thank you TruDog for making this awesome nutritious food." - Lori F.


"I have a GSD/Husky mix who I really wanted to get on a raw food diet but I barely have enough time to prep meals for myself. Then I found Rawgo! and my dog is happier than ever with this food! She gets roughly 1 cup twice a day with Boost Me and a half cup of high quality grain-free probiotic kibble (mostly for some crunchyness to slow her down when eating). With those 2 cups of Rawgo! each day a bag lasts me 5 days. I love Rawgo! because her coat is shinier, she’s shedding less & her poops have shrunken in half... RAWGO FOR THE WIN!!!" - Jill R.


"Gus eats Rawgo! up like crazy. I make him chicken broth and put some on the Rawgo! and he eats it up. The only problem I'm having is he seems to be itching more than usual but with his allergies it could be the Rawgo! or something else. At this time I am giving him his regular Boost Me and backing off the Rawgo to see if maybe it clears up. If it stays the same it might just be environmental. The Boost Me is his go to with every meal. He won't eat without it!" - Nancy M.

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