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"I have four large dogs ranging in age from seven years to 14 years old. They are all healthy! I give them Fortify Me on a regular basis, especially the 14 year old. She shows no sign of slowing down, she is every bit as active as my seven year old dogs and believe me, they are a hand full!!!! I love TruDog food and supplements!!!!!!" - Kelly U.


"Our trainer recommended this product for my two year old chocolate lab agility dog. We've been feeding for one month and can already see and feel a difference in his coat. I'm sure it's doing much more inside than what I can see so I will continue to supplement Chayce with Fortify Me. Very satisfied with this product!" - Carolyn B.


"I have an 14-year-old Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix, whose health has greatly improved with Fortify Me. Because he is small, I only use 1 teaspoon a day on his breakfast, but it has improved his health greatly. If I'm in a hurry some morning, and just put down his wet food without the Fortify Me, he just stands by his food plate and stares at me, like Mom? Where's the yummy on top? He will stand there and not eat until I put the Fortify Me on his food. Boo Boo gives you 5 stars!" - Karen L.


"Our 12-year old cockapoo (Gracie) was having problems with bladder control and lethargy and obvious arthritis in her hips. After nearly a year of supplementing her food with Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Food Topper, she’s been revived — literally! She’s playful, no signs of distress when climbing stairs, no bladder issues. Gracie isn’t like a puppy again, but she’s a happy mature dog enjoying life unhindered by aches and pains and signs of advanced age. We’re on a fixed income (very meager) but it is worth the little bit of extra money each month to make sure she’s getting the benefit of healthy food to boost her system and help her get the most out of life. And, that helps us in so many ways to know we’re caring for our little Gracie in the most loving and compassionate way! Yes, we have revival in the house because of Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Food Topper!!!" - Jan M.


"My dogs LOVE the Fortify Me Topper. I have one that will eat anything and one that I have to coax to eat. My persnickity eater will almost always eat her food if I sprinkle it with this topper and that's saying a lot! The company is also very pleasant to work with. I had accidentally ordered the wrong item and realized it shortly after at which time I reached out to them. They got everything taken care of for me." - Mary M.


"Fortify is amazing. My dog would only eat table food. White meat chicken breast steak, but never would he eat his dog food. I decided to my TruDog meat topper with every intention my dog would not eat it at all. Well just let me tell you he loved it so I bought some dog food just to see if I put it on top of it if would still eat it well to my surprise he ate all of it. He is still eating his dog food. He takes one look at the bag and he jumps up knowing he is getting it. He loves this stuff. I am a tru believer in TruDog. It's amazing stuff. You would be crazy not to buy this for your dog. Thank you so much TruDog!" - Paula M.


"I use Fortify Me as a food topper on my dog's grain free dog food and he loves it! I finally feel like he is getting the best nutrition I can afford. Just a couple of weeks ago, when I'd take Prince out for his walks, he couldn't even make it 2 blocks. He was listless. His eyes were dull. I knew I had to do something. I changed his diet to grain free and limited starches. I ordered the Fortify Me and started using it immediately. Prince is back to loving his long walks again. I am so very happy to see him looking and feeling so much better! Thanks for a great product!" - Susan Q.


"I pour her food in her bowl and she doesn’t even eat it. She waits and looks up at me for the Fortify Me food topper and she used to never be able to wait and eat once her kibble hit her bowl. She seems to not eat poop anymore which was the reason I tried it! Love the big 1lb bag as well. This is on auto ship for sure! My older dog loves it as well!" - Joecyln P.


"My fur babies love it when I put Fortify Me on top of their food. It is funny because they squeal when I get it out. My pug is eight now and I believe this helps her so much along with the Free Me I put in with her food. Both of my dogs are so healthy since I now purchase all my babies supplies from TruDog. This is a terrific place!! I only need to order something for digestion for my 12 pound Shitzu. He has a very sensitive stomach. So, so glad I found true dog when I did!! Thanks TruDog." - Vicki B.


"I recently bought FORTIFY ME and my dogs love it. I use Boost Me daily and now I treat them with the change up with Fortify Me. Makes feeding them easy as I now only use their kibble and no wet food, only the TruDog products to keep them healthy. They (6) all love it and I love the ease." - Marcia T.


"I bought Fortify Me primarily because I have an older lab mix (10 yrs), and wanted to help keep her digestive tract healthy. She seems to love Boost Me and Fortify Me. My two year old boxer/hound mix definitely loves it - she was catching baby bunnies when she was a pup and eating them, much to my dismay. When I told our vet about it, he said the bones are still soft in bunnies so she was filling up on protein. Blech. Needless to say, she has an acquired taste for raw meat/protein, and eats up all of her food when topped with TruDog toppers." - Roberta K.


"We lost our beloved 13 year old black Lab, Emma, last month to a huge mass near her liver. Years ago I fed a raw diet to my dogs. Not sure why I switched to kibble, except for the convenience. Well, I believe that if Emma had been on raw, she would still be with us. Just under 5 months ago we adopted a senior (deaf) 12-13 year old English Springer Spaniel. He was very underweight when we got him and you could see his entire backbone and his ribs. He has some health issues, too, but I remain hopeful that those will clear up since he's eating better. He's ravenous all the time and gets wild at feeding time. After losing Emma I decided to return to raw. I was afraid I would miss some nutrient making my own food, so I bought Fortify Me to add to the raw. It gives me reassurance that my dogs are getting more nutrition. They are all doing well and Romeo is at a healthy weight now. I have only had them totally on raw for a couple of weeks, but am already seeing improvements. I look forward to more positive changes in all our dog's health." - Donna L.


"I don’t know what I expected, where marketing begins and accuracy leaves off, but two weeks into our first bag of Fortify Me for my two labs and not only do they jump to eat their food their energy level, demeanor and health is noticeably improved. My eight year old is running after the young dogs at the dog park. His nose is wet and cold again. His chronic allergic itching for which he has been on steroids for many years had receded to a huge degree. Unbelievably great product. Unbelievably great results." - Stephen C.


"My dog really likes Fortify Me. She was not much of an eater and nibbled throughout the day. She was quite thin and unhealthy despite feeding her a name brand dog food. She also consumed her own poop daily. After reading about this product and how it could help with that problem I decided to give it a try. Sure am glad I did. I have not witnessed that behavior since starting her on Fortify Me. I am also going to note that I changed her dog food to an all meat no grain no additives so this may or may not have helped. Anyhow she looks great is filling out and her coat is thicker and shiny. I mix 2 tablespoons per cup of food with a half cup of hot water and she gobbles it up." - Susan R.


"My doxie has arthritis and before Fortify Me, he was moving pretty slow and you could tell he just didn't feel well. Now he's got some pep in his step and walking up his ramp without problems. He actually runs up his ramp when it's time to eat, whereas before Trudog his food could sit there all day. We tried Boost Me first, but because of his arthritis we switched to Fortify Me. Thanks Trudog for putting some of that pep back in his step." - Melanie L.


"With all of the research being done on gut bacteria, it is no wonder how dogs, like humans feel better/ are happier when they're gut is well supported. I am blown away at my border collie mix, Apollo's behavior. He is six years old and was always a picky eater and just didnt ever want his own food. We would fake putting stuff in it like take his biwl to the kitchen and put on a show like oh man look what you're getting...he also never pooped (sorry but it's important!) unless he absolutely had to (which is unlike my beagle mix who you can set your watch to).

After two days of using Fortify Me I began to see a change in his outdoor habits and more importantly his mood which was so funny. Because he can be very emotional and sensitive and then most nights we have to command him to eat and after he finally does (at like 10pm, he would mope around until bed tine lol. Like a four year old who turns their nose up at food. He would also "talk back" in barks and wines. So it was easy to spot a difference in how he would run straight to his bowl when he new what he was getting with fortify me. After he would be energetically happy.

Pouncing around the living room wanting to play and running around with our other dog were things we were happy to see. He obviously feels much better and I can only credit this addition to his diet. He is an active dog and has over an acre to run and work but i was getting worried that he was slowing down and it breaks my heart to think he could be another statistic for mid sized dogs who on average live to be 10 or 12. I want him to be around as long as he's healthy. He's my goat herding, beach loving, river swiming, hiking buddy and I am so happy that hes back to his old (younger) self now.

Also love the trugel teeth and breath cleaner. I used it a couple weeks before the vet did a dental cleaning (because i was worried it'd be a doozy) and she said it must have had an influence because it was an easier job than she had expected from their appt beforehand. I love that a company exists like this today. Please keep up the research and helping educate dog owners to not settle with how the pet food and care market is and has been!" - Michelle G.

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