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"My little boy loves this food. Finally, we have found a safe, healthy food that Yoda loves to crunch. I feed it to him dry. This way it is available when Mr. Picky is ready to eat. And, he eats it all up!" - Isabel G.


"My dogs love Feed Me so much!! One starts to drool when I pull it out and the other likes to starve himself to death and this product has helped him want to eat. He looks healthy now. Thank you for have healthy options for our fur kids!" - Ann D.


"My dogs LOVE this food and it's so reassuring knowing they are getting a truly healthy food! My little PomChi struggles with weight gain and this food has naturally kept him thinner over the past year. My Yorkie is maintaining his healthy weight. They are both so happy and full of energy. I just hope one day there is a TruCat for my cat!" - Tina G.


"Marli is a small doggie - 8 pounds - and TruDog really packs all the nutrients she needs in her half cup servings. We want to maintain her good health over her lifespan because we want her to a part of our lives for a long time. Best of all, she gobbles up her raw meat food and smacks her lips! TruDog Feed Me has it all - it’s good for our girl and it tastes yummy too!" - Caryle J.


"Our little rescue dog was in poor condition inside and out when we got him. After trying several different dog foods that caused more and more problems, I eventually heard about Trudog Feed Me freeze dried food. So glad we did. It has made all the difference to our fur babe. He loves mealtime now, and his coat is great, as is his stomach. He had black skin on his tummy when we got him. Now his tummy is nice and pink, which tells us all is well. Thank you, Trudog!" - Anne B.


"My 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Zoey, has fallen in love with TruDog Feed Me, Fortify Me and all Treat Me Treats. I switched to TruDog because she needed a high quality raw diet to help her beat cancer naturally by boosting her immune system. She loves it and her health is improving rapidly. I only wish I had discovered TruDog sooner." - Deborah R.


"My fur baby was grieving after his “brother” passed away after an auto hit him and had to have 2 surgeries. While grieving Skyler wouldn’t eat much of anything … that is until we tried Feed Me and we have a new little guy that doesn’t replace our Toby Mac but is a wonderful companion and cuddler!" - Trish M.


"My dogs are old and picky. They love the feed me and will eat it every time! I’ve been feeding them raw and they seem to have less GI problems and more energy than before starting a raw diet. Thanks for making a good they like!" - Deb B.


"My little long haired chihuahua, Chico, just loves your dog food. I can’t get it down to the floor fast enough. He has always been a picky eater when it came to dog food but not anymore. He is also shedding so much less. I don’t have to vacuum every day anymore. His energy level has even increased. He is wanting to play which he hasn’t done in quite a while. I am so happy. Thank you so much." - Mona C.


"My 14 year old Feisty Jack Russel mix absolutely loves this gobbler gourmet as well as the beef blend. We have been slowly introducing it to her to avoid upsetting her tummy, but she was very bored with her normal kibble/ wet dog food blend. We started with a little boost and a few of these bites mixed with a small amount of her old kibble, and she goes for it immediately. Such a change from her normal reaction to her old kibble!" - Lisa S.


"My dog Max is a chubby Yorkshire Terrier who doesn’t like dog food!! But does love people food. He loves Feed Me with one tbsp. Of hot water. He tells us when he is ready to eat.! Even tho he gets a lot less than that of normal kibble!! He eats it up immediately every time!! Within 2 days of feeding him TruDog Feed Me he feels better!, looks better, no hot spots, !! His gut health is amazing!!!" - Susan D.


"I have 2 fur babies. One eats anything, the other is so picky I think she would starve before she eats anything. The Feed Me Turkey, she loves! The minute it comes out it's gone! She's 4 years old and she's never eaten anything like this before. Believe you me, we've gone through many dog foods and I'm grateful she is eating and they're both actually playing with each other...something they've never done before. They're much healthier than they've ever been before. They love it and so do I!!!" - Kathy W.


"Feed Me Turkey is Harley, our little rescues favorite meal & is helping him with his weight issues...& licks the stainless off the steel trying to sniff out the very last crunch. Trudog has been & continues to be an amazing company to work with, especially when we want to change our order at the last minute! Five star service & food (according to Harley 🐾)" - Alexis B.


"My dogs love this food. I moisten it with some water and they gobble it up. They love the crunchy texture and can’t get enough of it." - Kathy Z.


"My Molly has been turning her nose up at my feeble attempts at a variety of dog food products...but now I'm her hero! She LOVES her TruDog Feed Me Turkey Grain Free Freeze Dried Dog Food!!! Thank you!" - Sharon L.


"My Lucy is a PM rescue, we had her over 5 years, and has an extremely sensitive tummy, she has NEVER been eager to eat, she absolutely love the treats and the feed me turkey!! Please never stop making this!!🐶😊🇺🇸" - Lee M.


"I recently tried the Feed Me Beef and my finicky pups both love it! I've been feeding them the Feed Me Turkey for awhile now and they love that too! Now I know I can switch it out and give them a change in flavors! Best dog food on the planet!!" - Lori S.


"My 2yr old rescue Shih Tzu mix had lost most of her fur from being starved. She weighed less then 10 pounds and felt like a bag of bones when you picked her up. I chose Feed me Turkey since the foster family was giving her a turkey based diet, and she has thrived. Her coat is coming back thick and full, she now weighs 11 pounds and has so much energy that I call her the flash for the way she runs around the house and yard. And she love the food so much I put pieces in her toys and she goes crazy getting them out.!" - Cheryl P.


"Started my chubby 4 year old Pomeranian on this and he loves it! Tried to transition him gradually from his old Blue kibble but he was now only interested in his new Feed Me Turkey. He has increased energy to walk and play more and is slimming down! Am using the Salmon treats which he loves equally as much!! Thank you for a fabulous product!!" - Jill M.

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