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"I add a heaping tablespoon with a little warm water to my dog’s regular dry food. She loves it and I feel like we are really boosting her nutrition intake. She has more energy and looks fit and beautiful. I am so happy with this product." - Jackie P.


"What a difference this made with my dogs' fur. I have three dogs and after about one month, I started to notice two of the dogs' fur was drastically softer. I sprinkle one spoonful for one of their meals each day. They love it!" - Kristi H.


"My Newfoundland has been a picky eater for the last few months and so we were having to cut up hotdogs and put them in his food to get him to eat but since I started using BOOST ME, he can't wait to eat and devours his food! We also have a Cavalier and he loves it too!" - Jennifer B.


"Delilah, my 7 year old Yorkie/Silkie mix, has always been the pickiest eater ever, sometimes skipping her meals for two days at a time if she’s not in the mood to eat. Not anymore! She’s now a member in good standing of the clean plate club thanks to Boost Me. Wow, what a difference, thanks, TruDog." - Claudia H.


"My dogs have been eating every drop of food since I’ve been adding Boost Me. I recently ran out for a few days and both dogs lefts portion of food in bowl. As soon as I received my shipment, that changed. Don’t want to run out again so I changed the delivery date to be sure I didn’t run out again. Thank you TruDog." - Barbara W.


"Bought this for my pit/boxer mix who is a very finicky eater. Been adding Boost Me to her food for the last 11 days and she eats all of it. I've had her 3 1/2 years and never found anything like this. It is miraculous!" - Francine K.


"My pup was having some digestive issues. When he would run around outside and the come in and drink a lot of water he always vomited. I've been using the Boost Me and he absolutely loves it and the vomiting has definitely become less frequent. I'm sure with more time using this product it will help eliminate all problems. I definitely recommend it!!" - Kaly F.


"Not only does my little guy let me know he loves his Boost Me with his kibble. But my foster dogs let me know they think they've landed in heaven when they find that extra little unexpected surprise in their bowl. Not only are all happy pups. Their eyes gain sparkle & their coats a healthy shine. Boost Me is such a little treat that pays off in such a big way! Boost Me makes all of us smile with happiness. Thank you TruDog!" - Kimberly T.


"I have two senior pups one is 16 and the other is 14 and they are finicky eaters and have some dental problems. I tried almost everything until I got boost me it's the only product that they will eat the rest of their food with. Thank you, Lori." - Catherine M.


"My picky dog loves it. He wakes up and goes straight to his bowl to see if it's there. Then he eats every bit of his food. Thanks so much for this wonderful product. He is a ten year old dachshund. After one week he is running around like he's a puppy again. I was getting concerned that he stopped wanting to run and play. Obviously, he just wasn't getting the proper nutrition he needed." - Gwyne C.


"While my dogs love the food I make for them, the Boost Me sprinkled on top has put them over the edge. When they hear me grab the bag they come running! And even if their food is already out, they get more excited when I reach for Boost Me. They love it!" - Sharon R.


"Our puppy wouldn’t eat a lot of dog foods, but putting Boost Me on the food we use has actually made her eat as she should have for 4 years. Never to late for good health." - Janice M.


"My 12-yr old Mini Aussie Duke has reverted to his younger, more playful, peppy self since starting on Boost Me! I give both my dogs 2 Tbsp per cup of dry dog food (I use a grain free 4-5 star brand) and Boost Me is the only change that I can attribute his new energy and playfulness to. He sleeps less, plays with my other dog more, uses his toys once again, prefers to be outside in the back yard rather than in the house. His coat is shiny and his irritable bowel habits of constipation alternating with diarrhea have vanished and he has smaller, healthier stools. He is enthusiastic about his dry food now - I mix the Boost Me with a little hot water to make a gravy and stir the kibble in and both dogs go after it with gusto. Both are thriving on it and the change in Duke is remarkable! I will never be without it again. TruDog products are the best thing that have happened to dogs in years." - Deborah T.


"Our big Doberman loves Boost Me. We used to cook beef and chicken to add to her dry food to get her to eat it. It's a high end quality kibble, but she wouldn't eat it without being 'bribed'. We no longer have to do that. A sprinkle of Boost Me and she eagerly eats it all. She's leaner and more fit and we don't have to cook meat for her. Win/win!" - Karen H.


"My veterinarian asked about my dogs coats and commented on how beautiful healthy they were. I gave them TruDog's website and tell everyone they should try Boost Me. I given several people a bag of mine to try and they are always amazed by the results. Love it." - Tracey S.


"My two Italian Greyhounds love Boost Me! Their coats have become softer, they “wait” until it is sprinkled over their kibble to eat. I gifted a bag as a Christmas gift to a French Bulldog that is a picky eater, his nose did not leave the bowl until he was full. His pet parents will be ordering, they were happily surprised at his response." - Lynnette D.


"Whatever is in the Boost Me has changed all our family's life. Our Dachshund named Kahlua, was such a picky eater since he lost his buddy Chloe (our Pitbull) in May. I was making up to four different meals a day until I tried Boost Me. No more. He loves it sprinkled across his dog food. We are all happier now. Thank you, TruDog." - Roseanne Z.


"My dog wants to eat more and as soon as I fix his bowl of food he gobbles it up. Before using Boost Me it was hard to get him focused to eat. He would wait until he just had to eat. Now he seems to enjoy his meal times more." - Gordon T.


"My dogs love Boost Me. They come running when they hear me open the bag. I sprinkle it on their food and they gobble it down. I'm happy that it's healthy for them. I try to brush them daily. Their coats are shiny and healthy looking. My neighbor even commented about how playful they still are at 5 years old. I highly recommend Boost Me. Thank you, TruDog for making this possible." - Teresa D.


"The only problem with this supplement is our poodles keep wanting more and more and more after they have already had it added to their dinner. We had tried several brands in the past and wasted a lot of time and money. We love it because we know now they're getting a balanced meal as part pf their diet....... No more coaxing. They now look forward to eating. Thank you, TruDog." - Janet J.

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