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What Do Dogs Have to Say About TruDog Products?

Just see for yourself! Dogs LOVE TruDog.

Many humans report their dogs have learned to recognize the TruDog box when it arrives- they love it that much.

Reviews for TruDog's FEED ME

A.P. Koren on FEED ME

O.M.G. In one feeding – One – our picky, picky eater gobbled down everything in her bowl then sought out her brother's bowl craving more to eat. But the bonus, the real exciting bonus came when our boxer Charlie came to me for a hug. For four years I've had to turn away almost each time he asked because his body smelled almost toxic. No matter how often we bathed him, the smell came back within a day. But after only one meal, Charlie came for a hug and I stuffed my face into his fur. I hugged him for all those times I couldn't. He smells fresh, my eyes don't tear and my skin doesn't itch. And our home doesn't smell like dog! And this was from the supplement!

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Patricia Ervin on FEED ME

My 12-1/2 yr old Bichon has many health problems. He has been on 4 prescriptions for his diarrhea for about 4 yrs to no avail. Within one week of using Feed Me, he started having hard stools again. We have since added Protect Me and he no longer has any diarrhea or bloating and gas. We have bought all of your products in hope that he will feel better within a short period. He already is running up 6 of our 13 steps, which he has not done in several years. It's really nice to see a difference so soon after starting some of this great system (3 weeks)!

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Marcus L. on FEED ME

This is the best product I have ever gotten for my dog. She loves it and it's good for her. As soon as she hears the rattle of the food bag she comes running

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Mary Lee Richardson Maltby on FEED ME

Thank you TruDog for such a wonderful food for our fur babies. We have 2 little puppy poms and they are getting a good start to a long and healthy life with TruDog food. Thank you again for all your work in making Trudog a great food.

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Pam Medlock on FEED ME

I love the product….well my dogs love the product. They are doing great and never seen them so ready to eat. Love that I can get this on Amazon too!!!

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Jody Arlt on FEED ME

Where has this been all these years?! I am so happy that my picky eater German Shepherd absolutely LOVES this food. I mix it 50/50 with her regular high grade dog food and she gobbles every bite!!

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Reviews for TruDog's BOOST ME

Dee Mclaren Maltby on BOOST ME

First let me say how grateful that I found your website cannot say how it happened but at the time my lovely Rhodie was having tummy problems, pooping enormous amounts and consequently too thin. Tried all the vet recommend diets with no avail, cooked for him organic meats veggies an sweet potatoes to find some improvement, toyed with a raw diet but too squeamish at finish, finally I found Trudog and he has so much improved now it looks like a normal stool and has put on a little weight so thank you so very very much!

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Debbie Keene Maltby on BOOST ME

I had to write to tell you how your products are changing my 3 dog's everyday life. There is NO other product out there that we have tried that comes close to all your products by a long shot as far as "real food" goes. I have two Shar-pei brother and sister that have very different health needs. The girl is highly allergic to almost everything but beef and salmon, and everything out there has a chicken by product, even if it says different on the packaging. The Boost Me is the best and believe me, it does exactly what it says, my dogs gobble their food down and I never want to be without it!!! I also have a 15 year old Border Collie that is a very picky eater, not more, he is first to finish after using Boost Me.

I can't say enough about these products.

THANK YOU from me and my kiddos, Lola, Denny, and Bear

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Reviews for TruDog's SPRAY ME

Dana L. Vaca on SPRAY ME

Love it!! This is a great product!! Freshens breath: removes plaque!! This is my third bottle…because it works! And more importantly, it has NOTHING harmful or unnatural in it as do many of the other dog dental sprays or wipes. You can trust your pet is not getting anything harmful with these ingredients. I use this regularly and faithfully. You won't be disappointed with this product!

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Jae Lee on SPRAY ME

This product is AMAZING!!! I wish I had taken a before photo but it has only been two weeks and I have sprayed my doggies teeth before bed. I have seen great improvement!!! Her breath does not stink and tartar is 80% gone! Thank you TruDog!

Love, OO-You and La Jolla

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Christy Moya on SPRAY ME

This product does work. I help at a rescue and we use this product between dental cleanings. Of course, like humans, some dental issues are worse than others but be consistent with it. It will make your pet happier and healthy longer. They do get used to the spray, do it lightly and be calm and gentle.

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Elsa Weitzman Bolt on SPRAY ME

This stuff does work!! One of our Collies, Bruce, cannot go under anesthesia for teeth cleaning. I have been using this product for about 3 weeks. Most of the tartar is gone from his molars and he does not smell like a can of Tuna. I am very pleased.

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