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What is the size of your bags?

Our food comes in 10 oz and 14 oz bags. To see which flavors are available in these sizes go here.

How much do I feed my dog?

Our TruDog feeding calculator will guide you through the steps of determing how much food to feed your dog. You can find our feeding calculator here .

What is a 'booster'?

Boosters are the ultimate healthy enhancer. Boosters can also be mixed into kibble to give your dog some real meat to sink their teeth into, just as Mother Nature designed.

What ingredients do you use?

We exclusively use premium grade human cuts of US sourced meat. There is NO wheat, corn, grains, sugar, fillers, chemicals or by-products. Has no refined carbohydrates, no added salt – just pure digestible quality protein.

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze drying is a delicate and expensive process that preserves the structure and nutritional integrity of fresh whole food. Only water is removed, preserving the characteristics and natural nutrition of fresh real food. Dehydrated foods i.e. chicken jerky, involves extreme heat at high temperatures which destroy the fragile nutrients and results in a finished product that looks like leather.

How do I prepare TruDog®?

We're the easiest to use raw dog food in the world. Period. TruDog® is freeze-dried, and needs no refrigeration. Simply store it in a cool, dry place. Before feeding, just add water. Precise feeding instructions are included with every pack. It's super simple.

Is there any added salt or sugar?

NO. In fact we even voluntarily disclose sodium in the guaranteed analysis.

Each bag of TruDog® is nitrogen flushed. Why?

A nitrogen flush removes the oxygen thereby guaranteeing fresh real food in each bag and a best before date of 2 years with NO refrigeration required.

Can I store TruDog® in my refrigerator?

Refrigeration is not needed. Store TruDog® in a cool dry place. Best fed within 30 days of opening.

Isn't raw meat only for wild animals?

From a biological point of view, your pet dog is exactly the same as a "wild" animal. Dogs have the same genes as wolves; they're the same species. The only reason dogs look different to wolves is because they've been bred to look different. Inside, their digestive system functions in the exact same way. TruDog® gives your pet what nature intended, and what your dog would choose by instinct. As we like to say, mother nature knows best.

Where are Boosters made?

All ingredients are exclusively sourced and packaged in the USA.

Why is TruDog® more expensive than canned food or kibble?

There's no way around it: It's not cheap. But once you see the difference it makes to your dog's health and happiness, we're confident you'll never turn back. For a 10-20lb dog, you can expect to spend around $50 a month on 'premium' kibble. TruDog® will be around $125 a month. But you'll also have a healthier pet, lower vet bills, less shredding, and less poop to pick up.

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