Feed me
Crunchy munchy beef bonanza

Easy to prepare, yummy & delicious

superfood for dogs!

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Real, Raw Meat.

right-arrowThat is what Mother Nature intended for me to eat.

left arrowThere is no junk or fillers that will make me sick.

left arrowKeeps me at my ideal weight.

Left arrowGives me a soft, silky coat and reduces shedding.

left arrowReduces my allergies, itching, and rashes.

Left arrowNaturally cleans my teeth and freshens my breath.

Plus iconYou'll have less poop to pick up on our walks.

Plus IconThe house won't smell like me anymore.

No Veggies Or Fruits?

You may be asking yourself, why no veggies or fruits?

While we feel it's a better way to feed your dog we understand that over the last hundred years or so, dogs have adapted to process veggies and fruits.

You see, your dog shares the same digestive system a wolf in the wild has which is why raw meat and vital organs provide your best friend with everything they really need.

That said, you can add fresh wholesome fruits and veggies to our food without a problem.

Not only will it help to extend the amount of time a bag will last you're also ensuring that your dog is getting 100% human grade veggies and fruits.

Most pet food manufacturers today use veggie and fruit fillers that would not be able to be sold in a supermarket as they're not fit for human consumption.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Call To Order (800) 476-8808

We’re serious, if you don’t see a happier, healthier dog simply contact us for a full, no questions asked refund.

We are so sure that you will be 100% satisfied that we are going to offer a 60-day full money-back guarantee – just to try it! If for some reason you or your dog is not satisfied with our product, don’t hesitate to return to us for a FULL refund at any time.


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Accelerated Health Pack

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Optimal Health Pack

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Veterinarian on TruDog

Super Food indeed!

"TruDog is a suite of dog food, treats, and toppers that truly are the best for your dog because they have everything from essential enzymes to keep their cells healthy and digestive system functioning properly to high-quality meat-based proteins that keep your dog strong and lean. Trudog also boasts essential amino acids that help improve joint function, brain function, and overall wellbeing. These amino and essential fatty acids are the building blocks of your dog's cells. All of this makes TruDog a Super Food indeed!"

Jan Hale

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Written by an anonymous user on

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