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TruDog® is a small, family-owned pet food company located in the Midwest. A few years ago, after experiencing some serious health issues, I began getting educated on nutrition. Soon thereafter, our family began moving away from processed foods, and embracing a diet that included more natural, wholesome foods. The benefits to our health were beyond remarkable. We felt better, looked better and had vastly more reserves of energy.

Life was good, until one tragic day when we learned our beloved Great Dane, Truman had a tumor in one of his legs. After an agonizing 6-month battle, including surgery to remove his leg, we lost him to cancer. In our grief, it dawned on us … we’ve been taking care of ourselves, nutritionally, but what about our 4-legged family members? They depend on us for their diet, so how well are we really feeding them?

What I discovered was shocking! Most commercial dog foods today are the equivalent of fast food for pets – designed more for convenience than for nutrition. Most of the good proteins, vitamins and minerals are destroyed during processing and cooking, and lots of unhealthy grains and cereals are added.

I sat in front of my computer with a new purpose… to discover the most nutritious and wholesome diet for dogs. I soon learned that all dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves need raw real meat, real organs, and real bones to thrive. And, all the nutritional research indicated that the same was true for dogs… which made sense.

Shortly thereafter, I began serving raw meat for our dogs… and then realized that we needed a second refrigerator to store it in. To be honest, it was messy, time consuming and a general pain-in-the-ass.

So, back to the computer I went, figuring there has to be another way. And, lo and behold I found a small-processor who could freeze-dry raw meat. It was an amazing discovery! Not only are the pellets easy to store and simple to prepare, but freeze-drying fresh meat also preserves all the nutritious goodness!

And that is why we formulated TruDog® based on what wolves eat in the wild, yet stores easily in your kitchen. We realize that not everyone will go to the lengths that we did to keep our dogs healthy and living longer… but with TruDog®, we’ve made it easier for those who would.

In Health,
Lori R. Taylor

P.S. In case you didn’t catch it… the name “TruDog®” was inspired by our Great Dane, “Truman”.

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