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What too many doggie parents don’t know is that while your dog may seem to enjoy any food you put in front of him, many commercial dog foods are actually barely even digestible. Yet your pup will happily chow down in the same way that kids will gladly fill themselves up with cotton candy and brownies. They simply don’t know any better!

The best course of action for you as a parent to your pooch is to become an expert in nutrition for dogs. And while attending years of classes and becoming a certified doggo dietitian would be great, there’s no need. Everything you need to know is right here!

Things To Know About Dog Nutrition

Below is a list of 5 things you need to know in order to ensure your dog’s diet keeps him at the top of his health.

1. To Meat Or Not To Meat

Your dog is a carnivore. But he can also benefit from some vegetables and fruits now and then. This not only means that dogs have the ability to eat both meat and plants, but they need both components included in their diet in order to thrive.

So while you’re shopping for your own produce, throw in a couple of extras for the pooch. Yes, you heard right, directly from the human section of the grocery store! Some great fruits and vegetables that your dog will love are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes.

2. Choosing The Best Dog Food

You wouldn’t grab a strange looking, unidentified object off the ground and feed it to your dog, would you? Yet we do this every day when we let our dog chow down on a list of ingredients we can’t even pronounce! So when navigating the dog food world, make sure to select a brand with real, recognizable, whole-food ingredients.

Double check the label to be sure your dog food of choice is made with quality cuts of real meat. This means no grains, no corn, and nothing listed ambiguously as meat “feed” or “meal.” A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t recognize the ingredient, don’t feed it to your dog!

3. Preservatives Are Poison

The unfortunate truth is that most commercial dog food companies care more about making money than about your pup’s well being. One of the most common ways these big brands rake in the dough is by packing their kibble full of preservatives. This gives them the ability to extend their transportation and shelf time to the extreme.

Once again, if you notice one too many unpronounceable preservatives on the ingredients list, just throw it out! It’s not worth taxing your dog’s digestive system just to buy a couple extra months of shelf life.

4. No Bones About It

It has become a given these days that dogs love bones. In reality, bones are extremely dangerous for dogs. If you let your dog chew on a bone, there is a likelihood that he will swallow a splinter, which can cause problems for the digestive tract and may result in surgery.  

If you are set on giving your dog a bone, try boiling up some bone broth and feeding it to him that way. It’s much safer and has lots of nutritional value.  

5. How Much And How Often?

Once you have your chosen dog food, the next question is how much to feed and how often. Unfortunately, the answer is never simple. While most dog foods include a dosage chart on the back, these suggestions should be taken more as starting points than gospel truth. How much a dog needs to eat has many factors, including age, breed, and activity level.

The best way to determine how much your dog needs to eat is by keeping an eye on his weight. You can always adjust their diet depending on how much they need to gain or lose. If you’re still unsure, you can always try out our free calculator to give you a better idea, or you can always consult your vet.

Feed Me Raw Dog Food

See, that wasn’t so hard! Keeping these simple tips in mind will ensure your pup a happy, healthy life. And it gets even better! Think it’s impossible to apply all these tips to your dog’s food bowl? Think again!

FEED ME Raw Dog Food is the nutritious staple you’ve been looking for to complete the ideal diet for your dog. FEED ME dog food is made purely from raw, freeze-dried meat. No grains, preservatives, or strange or confusing ingredients. Check the label for yourself!

And as if that wasn’t enough, FEED ME Raw Dog Food will help give your dog increased energy, a supported digestive system, that extra shine to his coat, and the ideal weight for his physique. You won’t be sorry you switched to Trudog!

Full Tummy, Full Life

The bottom line is, your dog has no control over the food that you choose to feed him. It’s your job to find the best option out there so that your pup can have a full tummy as well as a full life. And Trudog is here to help in every way that we can so that you and your dog can do just that.

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