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Vital Organ Treat Pack

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Give your fur baby the health benefits of real, raw vital organ meat...all in one convenient bundle!

Treat Pack Includes:

Treat Me Chicken Hearts

TruDog's Treat Me freeze dried chicken heart treats are the premium raw treats dogs go bonkers for! 

Made from U.S.A. sourced and processed chicken hearts, these tasty treats are high in essential nutrients your dog's body craves. Even picky eaters gobble Treat Me! 

Each batch of freeze dried raw treats is safety tested in our U.S.A processing plant and deemed safe before packaging. There's no need to refrigerate Treat Me- just reseal and store in a cool, dry place. 

Freeze drying locks in all the vital nutrients without subjecting the meat to high-heat processing, which can leech out those precious vitamins and minerals your dog needs. 

Ingredients: chicken hearts

Treat Me Lamb Lung Chews

TREAT ME Lamb Lung Chews are a great choice in treats for overweight doggies and those with allergies. Gentle on your dog's digestive system and easy to eat, even dogs with dental issues will enjoy these chews. TREAT ME Lamb Lung Chews are:

  • oven baked
  • low fat
  • all natural
  • great texture
  • light and easy to eat
  • high in protein

Ingredients: lamb lung

Treat Me Diced Beef Liver

Are you looking for the best dog treat you can give your dog? Treat Me Freeze Dried Beef Liver raw treats for dogs are healthy and delicious. When you give your dog naturally vitamin-rich beef liver, they're getting a nutritional powerhouse disguised as a yummy treat. 

These treats look and smell like real meat because they are real meat! High quality diced beef liver is freeze dried to lock in freshness and taste without using high-heat processing that can destroy vital nutrients. There are no additives, no fillers, no by-products, and no GMOs in TruDog Treat Me. Just pure, wholesome beef liver your dog craves. 

New to raw foods? Treat Me is a great way to start. Each batch is safety tested in our facility and our special packaging seals in freshness- without the need for refrigeration. Just reseal the bag after each use and store in a cool, dry place. 

Treat Me is always sourced, made, and packaged right here in the U.S.A. You can treat your dog with the peace of mind of knowing they're the highest quality treats you can get. 

Treat Me beef liver treats for dogs are always in demand. Get some today and see what your dog will do to get some.

Ingredients: beef liver

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