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The Best Daily Routine (Large Dog)

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Treat Me Bully Sticks

All natural treats for dogs of all sizes! 100% sourced and made in the USA. Long lasting, highly digestible, protein rich TREAT ME Bully Sticks are a favorite among informed pet parents. Unlike other chews, these natural beef pizzle treats are good for your dog! Oven baked in their natural casings, TREAT ME Bully Sticks are the treat you can feel great about giving your dog.

Treat Me Beef

Made in the USA from USDA certified beef, meaty bones and whole organ meats, fortified with amino and omega rich blood and fat. You will never find any grains, fillers, preservatives, or coloring in any of our products.

Key Benefits

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Reduces allergies and itchy skin
  • Reduces shedding, resulting in a softer, shinier coat

Treat Me Beef Liver

Are you looking for the best dog treat you can give your dog? Treat Me Freeze Dried Beef Liver raw treats for dogs are healthy and delicious. When you give your dog naturally vitamin-rich beef liver, they're getting a nutritional powerhouse disguised as a yummy treat. 

These treats look and smell like real meat because they are real meat! High quality diced beef liver is freeze dried to lock in freshness and taste without using high-heat processing that can destroy vital nutrients. There are no additives, no fillers, no by-products, and no GMOs in TruDog Treat Me. Just pure, wholesome beef liver your dog craves. 

Clean Me Dental Chews (Large Dog)

Dental Chews for dogs 25 lbs. and up

  • Proven, Patented Ingredient Helps Freshen Breath
  • Appealing Textures Help Scrape Away Tarter And Clean Teeth
  • Tasty Treats Designed To Promote Daily Oral Health
  • Great Tasting Cheese Flavor Dogs Love
  • Dissolvable, Dual-Action Dental Chews

Clean Me Dental Chews contain O.M. Complex-Oral™ (US patent #9,408, 810) that effectively and safely eliminates volatile sulfur compounds (vsc) malodors and the bad breath that they cause, without the adverse side effects of antibacterial agents. Along with other natural ingredients Clean Me is a safe and tasty way to clean your dogs teeth and breath.


Your dog’s ears are very different than your own. Did you know that the number one reason dogs visit the veterinarian is ear problems? Now you can care for your dog’s ears at home and prevent some of the most common ear conditions through preventative care with CLEAR ME. It’s safe for all types of puppy ears and gentle enough to use everyday.

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