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Safe, Natural, and Effective- A Breath of Fresh Air!

Body Wipes

Formulated from coconut oil derivatives, aloe vera, oatmeal extract, and baby shampoo concentrate, Refresh Me is safe and gentle for everyday use. Created to be antimicrobial and effective at cleansing away dirt, odor, and bacteria, these body wipes are a must-have for any dog parent. Rich in moisturizing agents, Refresh Me leaves your dog's coat silly soft, smooth, and static-free. 

Eye Wipes

Say goodbye to tear stains with Refresh Me eye wipes. Fresh clean furry faces are only a wipe away. When used consistently Refresh Me can fade stubborn tear staining and prevent new staining from occurring. "I'm ready for my closeup," with TruDog.

Safe for everyday use and gentle enough for sensitive pups, Refresh Me is the perfect solution for chronic tear staining. Formulated to clean even the whitest of fur, Refresh Me is most effective when used regularly. 

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