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Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Bowl- Limited Supply!

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The Outward Hound Fun Feeder slow feeder bowl is recommended for dogs who eat quickly and those who are prone to developing bloat. This interactive feed bowl slows down meal times to allow for a healthier digestive process. 

  • OVER 1 MILLION SOLD: The proof is in the puzzle. Outward Hound SloBowl Fun Feeders are a dog mom’s dream and have made mazes a key part of mealtime.
  • FOOD IS FUN: Dogs love food and Outward Hound SloBowl Fun Feeder dog bowls make feeding your dog fun too! Your dog will love maneuvering their mouth over the playful patterns of each Outward Hound SloBowl.
  • UP TO 10X SLOWER: Outward Hound SloBowl Fun Feeders slow down your dog’s eating time and aid digestion by 10X!
  • GO BEYOND THE BOWL: Every dog eats differently and their dog bowl should be as unique as they are. We fixed the ‘one size fits all’ solution of traditional dog bowls and molded the mazes of our SloBowl Fun Feeders to perfectly fit the pace and style of your dog’s eating patterns and habits.
  • A PRODUCT WITH PURPOSE: Bloating and canine obesity are both real factors of poor digestion in dogs. That’s why we created our SloBowl Fun Feeders with puzzles that challenge your dog while helping them digest their food.
  • PORTION CONTROL ON POINT: Outward Hound SloBowl Fun Feeders are made in 2 different sizes (Large and Mini) to help you control their portions during mealtime. Large Outward Hound SloBowls hold up to 4 cups of dry kibble and Mini SloBowl Fun Feeders hold 2 cups. Both sizes are great for dry, wet and raw fed diets.
  • NOBODY LIKES A DIRTY DOG BOWL. To clean your SloBowl Fun Feeder, simply place the bowl on the top rack of your dishwasher. Your dog’s bowl will come out shining like new and be free from the yucky germs and dirt we don’t want them eating.

Vets Agree That Slower Feeding is Safer Feeding!

Rapid eating can lead to a variety of health issues for dogs. Fun Feeders provide a unique feeding solution that improves digestion and helps prevent bloat, regurgitation and canine obesity.

Choose from three options while supplies last! Orange large, purple large, or teal small (order the teal small here.)

Small is 8 inches 

large is 10 inches. 

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