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When it comes to bath time, pamper your pooch with TruDog's Bathe Me refreshing shampoo for dogs! Formulated to be effective yet gentle, Bathe Me's pleasing fresh scent is one both you and your dog will enjoy.

Smelly Dog? Bathe Me to the Rescue!

The key ingredients in Bathe Me are effective and gentle- a mixture of closely related organic compounds derived from coconut oil, cleansing salts and gentle cleansers that clean the skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so they can be rinsed away.



Say goodbye to tear stains with Refresh Me eye wipes. Fresh clean furry faces are only a wipe away. When used consistently Refresh Me can fade stubborn tear staining and prevent new staining from occurring. "I'm ready for my closeup," with TruDog.

Safe for everyday use and gentle enough for sensitive pups, Refresh Me is the perfect solution for chronic tear staining. Formulated to clean even the whitest of fur, Refresh Me is most effective when used regularly. 

80 wipes per container.



Your dog’s ears are very different than your own. Did you know that the number one reason dogs visit the veterinarian is ear problems? Now you can care for your dog’s ears at home and prevent some of the most common ear conditions through preventative care with CLEAR ME. It’s safe for all types of puppy ears and gentle enough to use everyday.

  • PREVENTS INFECTIONS - By removing ear canal wax and buildup Clear Me makes it difficult for bacterial or fungal infections to occur without any burning. Also very effective in cleaning the external ear canal.
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED - We know anything that our beloved best friends consume can in fact be a concern of ours. With TruDog's 'Clear Me' you can be assured knowing that this is a Veterinarian Approved product. 'Clear Me' is a natural solution to maintaining healthy ears for your pets. This easy to use formula uses all natural ingredients and is safe to use on both cats and dogs!
  • REDUCES EAR ODORS - Clear Me is pleasantly scented and works great when it comes to effectively reducing ear odors. A perfect solution to maintain your pet's ear health and cleanliness.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Clear Me is formulated with all natural, holistic ingredients including Aloe Vera, which helps soothe and calm to help relieve any burning. Aloe Vera not only offers a gentle solution to your pet’s skin but you can be confident enough to use every day on your furry best friend.
  • ALWAYS MADE IN THE USA AND 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - TruDog's Clear Me: Pet Ear Cleaning Solution is made with all-natural ingredients right here in the USA and is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Kisses for all!

Spray Me is great for dogs. Helps freshen bad dog breath; control, reduce or soften plaque and tartar, control bacteria as well as tooth and gum health. When used properly, results are seen within 3-8 weeks. This spray formula will work systemically through your pet's saliva.

Key Benefits

  • Controls plaque and tartar
  • Controls bacteria as well as improves tooth and gum health
  • Aids in prevention of gum disease
  • Freshens breath

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