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"They GOBBLE It Up"
I wanted this for 2 reasons, I have a dog that is almost 3, and some times he is picky, eater NOT any more, just a little pinch of Boost over his food, and he chows it down, also got it as I do pet setting too, and some times when a new dog come to stay they are nerves, about eating, and Boost me works, just a pinch over the food, and they gobble it up and enjoy, I am now sold thank you.
- Kathy P

"It Gives Your Dog The NUTRIENTS They Need"
I have bought the boost me several times now because my dogs like it a lot. It is a good topper for the kibble because it gives your dog the nutrients they need with out going totally raw food diet. My fur babies love it!
- Tamera H

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TruDog's ​BOOST ME is a freeze-dried​,​ versatile supplement that contains ​simple ingredients packed with powerful nutrition. BOOST ME is USA sourced raw frozen and freeze-dried pet food. It's the raw diet nature intended your dog to eat- without the mess and hassle. ​​Freeze drying locks in the freshness without adding chemicals or cooking out vital nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. ​​BOOST ME enhances​ the nutritional value of your current dry or wet food, and ​is an excellent choice for ill or ​senior​ dogs, finicky eaters,​ or a great way to transition to a freeze dried raw diet.

Finally, a true superfood topper that can be fed in so many different ways you’ll always want to keep a bag on hand. We do it for our own dogs, and thousands of pet parents swear by BOOST ME as the ultimate doggie enticement!​

60 Day, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Try any of our products and if you don't like it simply call or email us within 60 days of buying and we'll refund your purchase price.

It's that easy!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Always All Natural

Always Natural

Always Made In The USA - Sourced, Harvested And Hand Packaged

NO ADDED INGREDIENTS: TruDog uses only freeze dried raw beef for optimal nutrition and value.

TruDog does NOT mix our meat with grains, fillers or any chemical additives found in so many other pet foods. Made in the USA.

There is NO wheat, corn, grains, added sugars, fillers, chemicals or by-products. BOOST ME has no refined carbohydrates, no added salt - just pure digestible high quality protein.

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How Do I Prepare TruDog BOOST ME?

Food Topper

Want to give a nutritional boost to your current food without the cost of going 100% raw? BOOST ME allows pet parents just like you to help improve the nutritional value of your current food by supplementing it with our all-natural nutritional booster topper! Made from our freeze dried raw FEED ME beef superfood, BOOST ME provides additional protein dogs need as well as a great raw aroma dogs cannot resist. Use it to transition to a raw diet or simply to get that picky eater to wolf down their entire bowl!

All Natural Supplement

TruDog's BOOST ME can also be fed as a daily supplement on its own. Much like using it as a meal topper, BOOST ME provides a healthy nutritional powerhouse to your pet's diet. We recommend mixing it with water if you're going to feed BOOST ME as a supplement but it can also be fed dry as it's shredded consistency poses no choking hazard to even the smallest of dogs.

Easy To Feed- Food for All Ages

We make our booster from our all natural raw food which means it is a nutritionally complete meal when fed alone or mixed with other pet foods. Whether you have a teacup pup or an older dog who just cannot chew as well as they used to, BOOST ME can be fed daily as a versatile and nutritious food by itself. Just add water and your dog has a real meat food that is easily eaten and digested by dogs of all ages, sizes, and health conditions. BOOST ME is ideal for dogs with dental issues, sore mouths, weight loss, cancer, advanced age, loss of appetite, or digestive issues. The shredded beef consistency is easy to eat and the aroma and taste encourage even the pickiest of eaters to indulge when offered.

How the Process Works

Freeze Drying Process

It's the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

You know what we's that product that no matter where your dog is in the house, he comes running as soon as he hears the bag open. TruDog BOOST ME is a versatile food-based supplement that contains nothing but midwest raised beef and Vital Beef Organs. A true superfood that can be fed in so many different ways, you'll always have to keep a bag on hand. We do for our own pets and everyone at TruDog swears by BOOST ME as the ultimate doggie motivator for even the pickiest of dogs!

BOOST ME Real Meat Meal Booster is freeze dried, and does not require refrigeration. BOOST ME Real Meat Meal Booster is indented to enhance the nutritional value of your current dry or wet dog food, or it can be served as a complete meal. It's an excellent choice for ill or older dogs, finicky eaters, or a great way to transition to freeze dried raw food. TruDog BOOST ME is super easy to feed, just add water to unlock the aroma and savory flavor.

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Why Raw Dog Food

Benefits Of A Raw Diet

Your dog wants real meat for dinner. No grains, gluten, or fillers - just real, fresh meat - just as nature intended. Locally sourced from America's heartland with a perfect blend of fresh, wholesome beef, bone, and organ meats; this food can be served as a complete and balanced meal, a nutritious treat, or mixed with kibble. Anyway you serve it, you can't go wrong; the benefits are visible within weeks.

Love Your Dog's Life!™

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