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Shed Me Double Sided Pet Brush

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The ultimate de-shedding tool, Shed Me double sided pet brush can handle even the hairiest of pets. This brush reduces shedding by up to 95% in most pets. No more pet hair on the furniture and carpets! 

Works for pets with single and double coats. Gentle on skin. Promotes healthy skin and shiny fur. Removes hair, dirt, and debris from your pet's fur for less mess and a happy pet. 

Shed Me has the best of both worlds with a small double sided de-shedder on one side and two rows of rake combs on the other. The elastic head allows for maximum comfort during grooming. 

For use on dogs and cats who shed only. Avoid using on pets who have skin issues/ailments. Do not apply heavy pressure when using on pet. Not meant for use on pets with undercoats. Consult your veterinarian with any questions or concerns prior to using. Keep away from children. 

Material: ABS/TPR/Stainless Steel

Strong and durable ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) plastic combined with TPR (thermoplastic elastomers) rubber makes this brush as durable as it is effective. 

Directions: Use daily for best results. Use only on intact skin. Comb in direction that hair lays. Remove shed hair and dispose of appropriately. 

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