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Refill Bags for Scoop Me Waste Bag Dispenser

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For use with the Scoop Me waste bag dispenser, these handy refill rolls will keep you walking without fear of running out of bags. 

This Scoop Me refill will last you two months with 120 bags (8 rolls of 15 bags each roll). 

  • 9 x 13 inch size means each bag is big enough to get the job done
  • rolls fit into standard size waste bad dispensers like Scoop Me
  • unscented, eco-friendly materials
  • easy to open and detach from roll, even one-handed
  • each roll contains 15 bags
  • leakproof, odor blocking

Allergy free, unscented Scoop Me refill bags are durable enough to help your dog take care of business. 

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