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Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy- Limited Quantity Available

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Petstages Interactive Triple Layer Tower of Tracks cat toy will keep your furry friends busy for hours.

  • WE’RE SEEING TRIPLE: Be ready for 3 levels of ball-spinning fun with the Petstages Tower of Tracks cat track toy.
  • MORE IS MORE: There’s no shortage of fun when it comes to Petstages Tower of Tracks! Expertly designed with 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colored balls, this cat track toy elevates playtime and interactive play with your cat.
  • KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL: Equipped with 3 differently designed balls, the Tower of Tracks by Petstages stimulates you cat’s senses and excites their mind as they work to bat at every ball. Unique to this cat track toy, the track is built with a closed top and no-slip base pads.
  • SHARING IS CARING: With more levels for more fun, Tower of Tracks by Petstages allows you to play with your cat and your cat to share in the fun with their furry friends
  • FOLLOWING THEIR INSTINCTS: Petstages Tower of Tracks is the puurfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and engaged from day to day while channeling their hunting instincts as they chase down the fast-moving balls.

Benefits and Unique Features of Tower of Tracks

For more curious and intelligent cats, toys that provide mental stimulation and interactive components like Tower of Tracks appease their need to play through exercising their coordination, balance and attention span with batting and swatting at the balls as they are simultaneously spun around each level of the track

Unique to the Petstages Tower of Tracks are the closed track levels. These levels provide a safer alternative to traditional cat track toys because closed tracks help keep kitty’s paws from getting caught in the tracks while she plays! Another great feature of the Tower of Tracks cat track toy from Petstages are the multiple balls and levels! For cat parents with more than one cat that are looking for toys that can be shared during playtime, Tower of Tracks is a great option! The circular design allows cats to sit on all sides and extra balls and tracks help extend playtime and work great for interactive play.

Your cat is sure to have a ball chasing, swatting and catching while exercising their mind, body and paws with Petstages track toys and chasers. Our cat toys are the purrfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and engaged. Whether your cat likes to stalk, pounce, chase, bat, swat or cuddle, our thoughtfully developed lines will help keep your cats happy and healthy.

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