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He No Longer Eats His Poop! 
"I have a dog that is 10 years old that has been caught eating poop (his own and that of other dogs). I have tried everything to break the habit, and nothing was working. I read another review that mentioned poop eating and how Tru-dog helped and so I tried it. It is amazing!! My dog is not eating the poop!! AT last something that helped...Thank You Tru-Dog!!!"
- Barbara T

Not A Picky Eater Anymore!
"I wanted this for 2 reasons, I have a dog that is almost 3, and some times he is picky, eater NOT any more, just a little pinch of Boost over his food, and he chows it down, also got it as I do pet sitting too, and sometimes when a new dog come to stay they are nerves, about eating, and Bost me works, just a pinch over the food, and they gobble it up and enjoy, I am now sold thank you. "
- Kathy P

It Gives Your Dog The Nutrients Need Without Going Full Raw 
"I have bought the boost me several times now because my dogs like it a lot. It is a good topper for the kibble because it gives your dog the nutrients they need with out going totally raw food diet. My fur babies love it!" 
- Tamera H